Johann Puch

Johann Puch / Founder

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Hi all, from the blog title you may already guess what this blog is about. I’m passioned about Puch motorcycles and after some long time searching I found that it’s very difficult to find information about Puch 250 motorcycles, specially the Puch SG 250, the one I own. Of course there is a lot about the maxi Puch and all the little ones, after all they were produced massively. This blog is dedicated to the 125/250 beauty’s, you know what I’m talking about 🙂 …

If you want to share your thoughts sell parts, show any restoration process, send images, videos, just leave me a note and I’ll do my best to publish it.

I would also love to see this blog turn into a big Puch party somewhere in Portugal, and you are invited, just bring a bunch of friends and your Puch horse. We’ll set a date as soon as we have enough people to show what Puch is about.


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