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It might be dificult to find what you need for your Puch 250. I found this store that most probably will have what you need:


I will keep searching for companys or people selling parts and will list it on this page. If you have parts to to sell or any information you would like to share about it just drop me a comment on this page.



Johann Puch

Johann Puch / Founder

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Hi all, from the blog title you may already guess what this blog is about. I’m passioned about Puch motorcycles and after some long time searching I found that it’s very difficult to find information about Puch 250 motorcycles, specially the Puch SG 250, the one I own. Of course there is a lot about the maxi Puch and all the little ones, after all they were produced massively. This blog is dedicated to the 125/250 beauty’s, you know what I’m talking about 🙂 …

If you want to share your thoughts sell parts, show any restoration process, send images, videos, just leave me a note and I’ll do my best to publish it.

I would also love to see this blog turn into a big Puch party somewhere in Portugal, and you are invited, just bring a bunch of friends and your Puch horse. We’ll set a date as soon as we have enough people to show what Puch is about.